Starbucks Cookie-Butter Bar – Starbucks New Cookie-Butter

You had me at cookie and butter.

Starbucks Cookie-Butter Bar - Starbucks New Cookie-Butter


Danielle Tullo

Mar 6, 2017

Starbucks is taking their food game v. seriously this year. From the release of Sous Vide Egg Bites (aka the only thing I eat for breakfast) to trying out avocado spread, the coffee chain is proving they’re more than Frappuccinos and Secret Rainbow Drinks.

And there’s more — the latest release is so effing good you won’t know how you lived without it. It’s called the Cookie Butter Bar, and I had one this morning and am already thinking about how I want another. In fact, BRB.

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The Cookie Butter Bar was quietly released a few weeks ago and those who’ve noticed it are kind of obsessed. Like Alix here, who experienced quote the “food-gasm” because of it:

So many Cookie Butter Bar feelings.

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